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Путешествие в экзотический Куала-ЛумпурAmong the many exotic countries who visit our compatriots, released in Malaysia, namely Kuala Lumpur. This city is a mixture of an unprecedented multinational customs and traditions. History of Kuala Lumpur began in 1857 in the Malay language in Kuala Lumpur means "muddy estuary". The city is situated in the valley, where the merger of the two rivers Klang and Gombak. This area is famous for its rich deposits of tin. As a result, the first settlements appeared, consisting of Chinese miners. In the 1957-1963 years. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the Federation of Malaya, and in 1983 became the capital of Malaysia. The number corresponds to the population of 1.8 million people.

Kuala Lumpur - is the focus of various industries: processing of rubber, palm oil production, assembling automobiles, electronic products, manufacture of agricultural equipment. Not far from the Kuala Lumpur Tin is mined and coal. In addition, a luxurious green city with many parks and gardens. In the center of town is the impressive size range, "Kuala Lumpur City Center" (it takes more than 40 hectares). Also, the city boasts some of the tallest buildings in the world - the Petronas Towers (Office of the oil campaign), whose height is 452 m towers arranged in the shape of eight stars each.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for its magnificent sights of various architectural styles. Jama Masjid Mosque - Mosque of age-old Indian style, built in 1909 Mosque Masjid Negara - best known building in the city. Its name translates as "national." It was built in 1965, is an unusual form of a white building. In the main room of the temple dome is located in a 18-pointed star. The dome is a symbol of union of 13 states, located in Malaysia and the five pillars of Islam. Before the temple is located in the courtyard with its water reservoir. During his stay in the mosque, which accommodates up to 15,000 worshipers, visitors must remove their shoes and have a proper look.

The National Museum - one of the stately buildings of the city. On the facade are magnificent frescoes. The museum consists of historical, economic, ethnographic departments.
The museum shows the splendor of the flora and fauna, as well as national traditions of the peoples of Malaysia.

Museum of Islamic Art - a beautiful four-story building, the walls of which are floral designs and sayings from the Koran. If you go inside the building, you can see the "inverted dome" - an ornament, hanging from the ceiling in the shape of a dome, directed downward. The museum has a rich collection of models of Mosques (Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina before the buildings in Istanbul, Bukhara, etc.). The museum can be found with the principles of the internal structure of the mosques, with the species of tree stands for the Korans, prayer rugs. The museum collection includes many collections of ancient Korans. Also, you can see the coins that existed at different times of the Muslim dynasties, the collection of weapons, splendid oriental fabrics, lamps and lighting fixtures, samples of metal utensils.

Visiting orchid garden, you can get a lot of fun. Garden has about 800 species of orchids, including rare species. Flowers can be purchased. Around the Garden Orchid Garden is located hibiscus. This garden is striking in its majestic beauty, as it is possible to admire some 500 different species of hibiscus.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for its bird park, located near the Garden of Orchids. In the park under a huge dome strainer set a high concentration of birds of different species from all over the world. For birds, created an environment close to nature. Park is open from 9.00 am to 17.00 every day. Not far from the bird park is located Butterfly Park. In his diverse collection includes about 6,000 butterflies belonging to 120 different species. Another landmark of Kuala Lumpur - a deer park, which is arranged on the hillside. It can be seen freely walking deer. Park visitors are allowed to communicate with those of animals, as they are tame.