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The mysterious Nazca desert pictures

The most interesting open air museum, located in Peru, the Nazca desert it. "Exhibits" of his unusual, consider them only from a height.

A small town in southern Peru, is the center, where tourists flock constantly. First of all inquisitive travelers rushing to the airport to catch a flight the next excursion. Four plane rises into the sky and fly over the small desert. The area of ​​desert covered with mysterious patterns that have emerged more than two millennia ago. It is impossible to withdraw eyes from the bizarre shapes inscribed an unknown hand. Visiting Carlsbad, you'll get a lot of impressions, and flying over the Nasca figures, but impressions will remain with you feeling unsolved mysteries.

The drawings were created gradually, first appeared about the 3rd century BC, and the last recorded eight century AD. This is the only authentic statement of scientists, and about the "authorship" drawings still debate. We consider the theory of extraterrestrial origin, as the American Indians were not the strength to perform such high-tech sketches. Some pictures may be considered, rising high above the desert. But as you know, the people of the desert of those times were not familiar with aeronautics. Figure, called "Astronaut" like creature on our planet, in a sense supports the theory of extraterrestrial origin of these amazing lines.

Scientists OKSNA Paul and Mary Reich, about 50 years studying the mysterious drawings in the desert, offered to the scientific theory of the value of these lines. American OKSNA, I noticed that the direction of a line coincides with the sun, the very day when the duration of day and night are equal. Hence was born the assumption that the mysterious lines - a kind of observatory of ancient Indians, who studied the stars. The drawings in the form of birds and animals may represent constellations. In support of this hypothesis, an image of a monkey, which is a reflection of the heavenly land.

In connection with these figures, there are many hypotheses. Someone sees a reflection in the lines of the rivers that flow beneath the ground. Someone says something about the ritual significance of drawings. However, none of these assumptions are not confirmed.