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Towns of Guyana. New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam - one of the largest towns in Guyana. Located near the mouth of the river Berbiche, on the Atlantic coast. Discoverers, Spaniards in the late XV century, failed to staunch resistance of local people and left these places, but here a century later still Dutch settled. They were engaged in growing sugar cane, and eventually founded a village called New Amsterdam. In the XVIII century the village grew to the size of the city and became the capital of the colony. In the city there are many artisans, merchants, each of them also engaged in the production of spirits, hoping that this is the salvation of malaria. A little later a fire completely destroyed the city. 10 years later it was restored, and he has long been considered one of the largest ports in Guyana. In the early twentieth century New Amsterdam was one of the best resorts, but later this glory was lost, but now there are still some nice beaches.

In the XIX century Guyana obeyed the UK, and from the middle of the XX century's independence. Currently, New Amsterdam is an important port of Guyana, here are a few large institutions.
The city has a large number of beaches and historical architectural buildings, but not enough to assign him the title of the resort.

Football just is not sufficiently developed, as well as tourism. In Guyana, there is a football team, which participated in World Cup qualifying match last time in 1978. The most memorable win team won in 1998 over the national team of Anguilla. And in 1991 - the biggest defeat of the national team of Jamaica.

In New Amsterdam, you can relax on several beaches. This is - Rozingol resort, to which should be accessible by ferry, just a popular Mara, all of them are on the river shore. Sea beaches are located just north of the city, about 100 km away, it's - Almond Beach and Shell Beach.

Tourists who travel to this city's safest travel by taxi or minibus. In the capital, Georgetown regularly commit carriage trains and intercity buses. Opportune time for the holidays in New Amsterdam - a 'dry periods', which lasts from August to December and from February to April.