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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Education in Guyana

Schoolingin Guyana built by the British system.

After graduating from elementary school all the children sit exams in all subjects to score opredelennoe points. The number of points depends on which school a child will learn more. Secondary schools have different levels, from the simple to the most prestigious. With the large difference in price.

The same procedure is carried out, and after graduating from high school. As a result of exams children are distributed in high schools, respectively, the level of development.

Школы в Гайане
Personally, I studied English at a special department at Georgetown University. Is this branch in Queens College. Here is Queens School.

Школы в Гайане

Education, like everything else in Guyana, is quite simply a very slow pace. It is difficult to understand how they can be here at all to learn something. No hurry


, no training plans. In any case, our group of "English as a second language," this was the case. I do not know how many years you can learn the language at a pace. But just one year is not enough.

Школы в Гайане

One joy - the practice indefinitely. Sit yourself talk. I have the benefit of taking lessons in private. Time is not wasted.

In addition, our course was only two students of foreigners. I and Francisco. He is a Mexican, and my practice was rich. Moreover, it was necessary to understand English in Guyana, also in English Mexican. But we eventually learned to talk pretty well.

Resent useless to impose their views on the learning process, too. We have to put up, and go with the flow like everyone else.