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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Attractions in England

Arriving in England, or, as they call it, the British kingdom, many tourists are beginning familiarity with the country and its capital city of London. This city is a real treasure trove of architectural and historical monuments of the British state. Much attention is focused on the tourists changing of the guard, which takes place every day at eleven thirty in the morning. Crowds of tourists watched with great interest this truly historic action. The attention of tourists are attracted, and Westminster Abbey, where the coronation of all the royals. For every Englishman is truly a holy place, which are the symbol of the country. At the heart of the capital is still a symbol of England - Trafalgar Square, which affects the tourist for its unique architectural monuments.

Enjoys great interest from visitors to the city and the National Gallery, which has more than two thousand works of art. Visiting the gallery, use the services of a guide that tells you not only about the history of the museum, but also about themselves and their masters paintings. Visitors can stroll through the magnificent Hyde Park, where tourists can spend great time relaxing by the noise of the city in its shadowy alleys. The park is a favorite spot of townspeople.

Being in the UK capital and visit the "face" of the city, its character and the main attraction Big Ben can not be any tourist. The most visited museum in London is the British Museum - a museum of culture and history. The museum provides about seven thousand of their exhibits to explore, and they are all historical value. The museum's collections cover the entire period of human development, and presents all the known world civilization. The museum is one of the popular museums of Europe, which was founded in 1753.

Modern London is the London landmark Ferris wheel, which offers stunning views of all the attractions of the city. If you want to plunge into the mysterious and secret places that are the pride of England, you can make an excursion to the famous Stonehenge. This unique pre-historic building is still excites the imagination of tourists. The land of England is rich in ancient castles and medieval fortresses, which are well preserved and enjoyed great attention of tourists. Besides the historical monuments of England has and excellent resorts. This applies especially to Scotland, which is part of the British kingdom. The beautiful nature and amazing natural attractions attract tourists who prefer a quiet, peaceful and secluded holiday.