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Племя Гуахиро - торжественность и дружелюбиеThe village is spread Paraguaynov among dense jungle, the gathering close to the road. In this village to be an Indian bazaar, where the Indians are going to guajiros every Monday for the sale or exchange of their products: livestock, animal skins, maize and a variety of fruits jungle. Glade, where the market is located, surrounded by tall trees. In a little bazaar buyers and therefore there is no noise bazaar. They come mostly money-changers and dealers. Products they buy on the cheap, or change, while trying to deceive the Indians.

In appearance the Indians guajiros present solemnity, in women it is particularly pronounced. They walk proudly threw back her head back, in long, brightly colored dresses, sandals with a big bow - all this gives them confidence, and haughty bearing. Women's faces painted with black paint, extracted from the fruit trees, they paint her nose, forehead and cheeks. The custom of painting the faces of the tribe, and there is a long time at the moment became a ritual. This paint contains fat that protects the skin from burns. Besides the appearance of women guajiros adds a huge home-made cigar protruding from his mouth. The appearance of men guajiros more civilized. They wear straw hats, shirts and loincloths very bright colors. Yet only a small bandage hang bags - purses and a knife, their appearance is not brutal, because they do not have bodybuilding in high esteem.

The huts of Indians guajiros scattered in the jungle, sometimes from one another are at large distances. The tribe breeds cattle. In the tribe tough matriarch. All trade transactions concluded a woman. Men are ruled by a woman acting as a labor force. However, a woman can not get away from her husband, and he can, and to the same man can not work, and his wife still has to feed him.