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A bit of fishing in the winter

Немного о рыбалке зимойIf the river is covered with ice, it does not mean that he's strong. Before flying headlong to the river, should be a good place to examine the future of fishing. Otherwise, if you do not follow safety rules on the ice, it can be for you to end up with disastrous consequences.

In order not to find themselves in absurd, and sometimes even dangerous to the health situation, do not believe a word anyone - the one who said that the ice is strong, and it was safe to fish. Before we go in full uniform on a winter pond, you should check yourself, how safe are the conditions for winter fishing. At first ice is best not to take the drill, and use successfully. It will help you to measure ice thickness. If you can easily break the ice picks, it is still dangerous, and fish in it is very dangerous.

Also, do not leave to the first ice alone. Bring your friends, that would be the case, then, you who could not - something to help. With them you will always be a long rope. If you went to the lake by car, the car is always a towing cable, which can also serve to save a drowning man, in a pinch.

But, as they say, hope for the others, but also those who help themselves. About their own safety you would think in advance obzavedshis so-called "spasalkami." The term is common among fishermen and means not dodge, reminiscent of a long nail, but with a wooden handle, as from the file on one side. This tool is used as a last resort, if you do not let God fell through the ice. We know that for bare hands to catch the ice floe is very difficult. Therefore, with such a device can be selected from opolonki. If you can not do it by yourself, it can be purchased at any fishing store.

Also, do not drink alcohol while fishing, especially in the winter. It is known that alcohol dulls the reaction. And it warms only illusory. In fact, the extra hundred grams drunk frost save you. It needs to dress warmly and drink can be at home.

You can go out on thin ice and skiing. It's better than walking, but if the ice is cracking - and then skiing will not save. Follow divergent cracks - if longitudinal, it is not so bad, but when cracks apart from you like a spider web, it is already bad.

In any case, do not panic. Always try to soberly assess the situation. At the very least, do not forget to call for help.

These are not the tricky rules allow you not only to enjoy ice fishing, but also to protect their health and their lives. Fishing facilities on Akhtuba waiting for you all year round.