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Interesting traditions of the peoples of South America

All the peoples inhabiting our land, have their own language, culture, customs and traditions. Particularly diverse wedding customs of the peoples of the world.

One of the continuing traditions of almost all weddings - making the bride's house on his hands, it protects her from the evil eye, and also has a bridal veil effect. Beating the dishes at the wedding - it was considered more than fragments, the more happiness in the young.

Some wedding traditions came from Rome, sights which we so admire, and formed the basis for weddings, many people, becoming their top national treasure.

Purely Latin American tradition is that the witnesses, as such, the bride and groom are not, they lead to the altar, the groom's mother and father of the bride. And the rings at the altar, they do not communicate, they do it for her engagement, and here they talk at all about a party of their serious intentions.

Hispanics are the wedding when the young save enough, because all of the major expenses are on their shoulders. Parents, of course, also help, but mostly manages to marriage of young funds.

According to one tradition Brazilian Weddings bride should not appear before the groom, it must be late for ten minutes. In place of flowers on the lapel of his jacket, they hang small Brazilian flags. At weddings, the groom gives a Mexican bride thirty gold coins, which means that he must always keep his bride financially.

No less interesting, and other traditions of the peoples of South America. Brazilians are a favorite tradition of carnival, which involved almost the entire population of the country, dancing, complex and colorful dances such as samba. These dances and show fight blacks - slaves from their pursuers, and harvesting of sugar cane, etc.

Traditional clothes and a local Brazilians. Ebony are heavily starched petticoats, over which wear long skirts straight-cut top. White jacket is attached to free one arm of the hairpin bright. On his feet - light sandals. Hairstyles complex, on top of which various forms of turbans. On the neck and hands a lot of beads and bracelets.

Men dressed in linen pants and shirts for wide release. On her feet sandals with wooden soles on his head turbans. The rest of the people dressed in European clothes.

Popular sports in Brazil is a soccer and basketball. The youth popular skating on a special board, no bindings, on large waves.