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Turtle Beach Matapika

Черепаший берег МатапикаThe tour lasts 2 days. Overnight camping is offered. Feeding is included in the tour, which is not bad. No need to lug along a mountain of provisions, those involved in other people.

Why tents.Черепаший берег Матапика First, the beach, where turtles come included in the nature-protected area. It is forbidden to build anything, and no hotels simply do not. Of course, you could rent a room in a tiny and cottage. But as we told the hostess Surinamese travel company; Waterproof Gummelt Lisbeth, in a tent is better. For facilities not changed absolutely nothing, but for the price of a room is added somewhere 40 euros per person. There is no sense, and we slept in a tent. What, incidentally, have not regretted a single second. Fresh air in a hot tropical night was just what we needed.


The ocean is almost the same as in Guyana, with brown water, but still a little lighter. We are happy to swim. Our guide gave us a look at small turtles, newly hatched from the eggs, and even one of them we let in, a great lives, in, big ocean.

AЧерепаший берег Матапикаnd most importantly, for what we went here on two tablespoons of Paramaribo turtles. Watch turtle nests have been brought to the night, somewhere in 10 hours. Because of the high tide had to go through the Bushes, and quite far away. About an hour. But the turtle, we still see. I was lucky. It was, monitor lizard. She came out of the sea, has postponed its 120! eggs, carefully buried them, crush all his body and became zamaskirovyvat place. Crush the same way a few places to cover their tracks. Unfortunately, about 30% of turtle eggs eaten by crabs that are found here in abundance. Hatch only 70%. Most of them have already killed at sea. Survives only about 10% of turtles. The turtle, which we saw quite young. She was about 80 years.Черепаший берег Матапика

Struck, too, how carefully guides belong to the turtles. They allowed us to photograph, but so that the flash does not blind the turtle. And carefully helped her dig and zamaskirovyvat masonry, removing all of the way that it interfered with different roots and algae.