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Hummingbird nest

Have you ever sГнездо колибриeen a hummingbird nest? Probably hardly.
Гнездо колибриSomeone might say: Big deal, jack. And for me to see a hummingbird nest was a real shock.
I this bird before, and take a picture of something really could not, it was too fast flas
Гнездо колибри в Гайанеhing wings, and a tiny. And then a whole nest.
The strangest thing that had built a nest on the slender bird-pretonenkoy branch, which mercilessly swinging from every breath of wind. And it's right near the path along which to twenty times a day here and there snovalyu people.

Гнездо колибри. Гайана.As she villa nest no one noticed, but was such a beautiful shape, just as Chinese porcelain cup.
And do not be afraid. Hatched and reared there two small hummingbirds and all three disappeared at the Guyana spaces. Now again, I'll try to see a hummingbird, to have time to grab a camera, bring your bird and make a couple of shots before it disappears.
Гнездо колибри в ГайанеAnd maybe this will be my godson, who grew up literally in front of me, and I had already done their inexperienced portraits.