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Любителям рыбалки посвящаетсяFishing has become so popular that often this type of vacation is called sport. Indeed, there is no wit, skill and strength will not be easy, because it will be a big fish, not the small crucian.

Let's talk about a very popular fishing spot - Astrakhan. Many avid fishermen like to vacation here and not without reason - the Astrakhan region is famous for the upper delta of the Volga river - the river is a place teeming with various kinds of little fish, where you can catch as the average performance, and the true giants. The town itself is situated on 11 islands of the Caspian depression. On the left bank of the river is the main part of the city, and the right bank is inhabited only 20% of the population. Both sides of the bridge connect the two.

Since mostly come here for the sake of catching fish, and recreation Astrakhan have corresponding names - they are called "fishing." Find the base can be in almost every region of Astrakhan. Let's see what they offer. Usually the cost of holiday includes accommodation, three meals a day, chasseur service, the boat for two anglers, fishing tackle, 10 liters of petrol, spearfishing. Some of the base charge additional fees for boats and fishing equipment. For paid services are the same: treatment of trophies, a professional chef, fish processing (salting, drying, smoking), water skiing, organizing excursions. Not deprived of facilities and standard services such as sauna, steam room, billiards, table tennis.

Try to choose a base that provides as many services that are included in the price. So you limit yourself from unnecessary costs and problems.

It is not always the city, next to which you are resting, rich in tourist attractions, but in the case of Astrakhan is the opposite - there is something to see and where to go. But to understand whether it will be interesting for you, we give the most vivid examples of significant places of the city. The first is the Astrakhan Kremlin. It dates from the 16 beginning of the 17th century and is the ancient architecture of the city. Religious lovers will find an attractive presence in this city 15 churches. It also can be a fascinating visit to the architectural monuments of the city, such as 41. This includes notable people at home, manor, church, house, factory, library. In a word - the choice is great, it remains only to choose.

If you think the rest in Astrakhan is possible only in the recreation centers and hotels, then you are mistaken. Perhaps the most extreme and natural rest will stay in tents. As a rule, tourists gather in small groups, most often close relatives and friends. They go to one of the villages in the Astrakhan region, find a suitable location on the banks of the Volga, up camp with tents and enjoy - swimming, fishing, eating outdoors, walking, snakes, bugs, mosquitoes. Much like the beautiful and terrible. It all depends on your fears or lack of them. In any case, before you choose this type of vacation should think twice - not everyone is ready to live in the wild.