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Resorts in Greece Furkas

Location - 105 miles from the big city of Thessaloniki (Halkidiki) - is a picturesque place Furkas rock, and the village of the same name. The resort area is located Furkas on the Kassandra peninsula (one of the fingers of Halkidiki). In the village Furkas is a modern tourist center where there are hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. Every year the resort is becoming more popular.

Climate - Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild, the temperature of 12 degrees in December, the water temperature is 14 degrees. Summers are very hot, with refreshing winds, and the highest water temperature (August) 29 degrees. Here there are beautiful gardens and orange groves of olive and palm trees side by side with pine forests.

Infrastructure - a large tourist complex that offers many options for fun and pleasure. As always, many different bars and restaurants, many organized by non-fun night of entertainment. In the taverns you can enjoy delicious seafood, and enjoy this Greek wine.

Along the streets of the village are many small shops and boutiques, where you can buy at normal prices clothes and souvenirs. All the shops are usually open until late evening. In small retail shops, you can buy inexpensive olive oil and honey.

If desired, you can make a trip:

- Go to Mount Athos, is the only monastic state in the world. Vatopedi Monastery is a unique collection of rare books.

- You can take a cruise on the yacht to Mount Athos, and at a distance of half a kilometer to see 8 of 20 monasteries.

- Take a tour of the city of Thessaloniki, is an ideal place for children's activities (a large water park).

- You can see the temple of Poseidon, which is in Calandra, he strikes his greatness.

- About three kilometers from Afitos (District Furkasa), are the ruins of the temple of Zeus Ammon, which can be viewed.

Beaches - here some of the best beaches on the Aegean coast. All beaches are sandy, the sea water is amazingly clean and has a beautiful tone. All very nice for the tourists, lots of flowers and beautiful trees, green valleys and beautiful mountain peaks.

Our conclusion is especially pleasant stay in the area of ​​the peninsula of Cassandra - married couples with children. The resort has many hotels of different price levels, which can satisfy all guests. No worse than the resort hosts. This holiday, surrounded by amazing natural beauty, with the ability to perform a variety of tours and free time to rest well in the various institutions of the resort.