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Мусульманский детский праздник в ГайанеThe Muslim Diaspora Guyana has a lot of different good traditions. Ranging from child-rearing. This, incidentally, I liked the most in Guyana.

How much would a child not crying, crying, tantrums, and fought in hysterics, he would not give what he demands is not to say "Please." I must say that the result of such education in the face.

Rarely in modern times where you see such a reverent and careful attitude to parents in an Indian or a Muslim diasporas Gayany.No one of the Мусульманский детский праздник в ГайанеMuslim custom of Guyana, particularly caught my attention.

At the end of the post in September begins a holiday (they called it Ida, I do not know how to it is our Muslims are not strong in the religious traditions and terminology).

So, on this feast of the Muslims of Guyana collect children from the most-the most remote areas of the country, the most-the poorest families and bring them to Dzhordzhtaun.Ustraivaetsya all the money donors. Do not forget that Guyana's most expensive - it is petrol. Its gone, and accordingly purchased abroad. Hence, all trips, deliveries and the resulting prices are quite high.

Children bring to school buses almost antediluvian across the country. First, children read poetry, dance, sing.Мусульманский детский праздник в Гайане Well, someone that is prepared for them umeet.Potom unpretentious entertainment that is served on all holidays of all nationalities and religions of Guyana - rice and chicken.
In separate bags for each child prepared a small gift to a sweet, just like we do on a Christmas tree. Well basically for Muslims this is Christmas. For many of the kids is the only way to see the world. But it is this way.
Мусульманский детский праздник в Гайане
And then they arranged for some simple fun. Placed trampolines, carousel and roller coaster.

And the kids are happy. You bet. Such an event. Just look at these kids a little older litsa.Dlya ustraivaetssya game in the ring. Need to throw a ring on the prize, and if hit, the prize is yours. As prizes are set to simple cardboard korodki such bank peas, or ketchup, or a piece of soap.Мусульманский детский праздник в Гайане But the main thing is not the prize, and the fact that you won!