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Iguazu Falls (Argentina, Brazil)

Водопады Игуасу

Iguazu Falls - this famous set of waterfalls located on the River Iguaçu on the border of Brazil and the Argentine national parks. Their name has two words in the language Guarani, which translated sounds like a big water. According to legend, the God of love and wanted to marry a beautiful Aboriginal Naipu, but she did not want this marriage, and sailed in a canoe with her lover. God became angry and cut the river and created the waterfalls, condemning the loving couple to fall in eternal embrace of water. Iguazu Falls was found in 1541 by the Spaniard Alvaro Nunez de Vaca Kasese. He explored the South American jungle in search of adventure and gold, and came across this fantastic creature of nature.

Iguazu complex includes about 270 waterfalls and is 2.7 km. On most high waterfall flowing water is about 60 meters, and in some places reaches 82 meters. The biggest waterfall is called Devil's Throat, it is a sign the border between Argentina and Brazil.
In the dry season, visitors can see two waterfalls form resembling two half-moon. During this period, is less rainfall and reduced water levels in the river, resulting in falls comes a little water flow and it is divided into two waterfalls. And during the rainy season, these two half-moon come together, forming a huge waterfall width of 4 km.

Many islands share a waterfall from one. Most of them are located in Argentina, but also with the Brazilian side with a beautiful view of the Devil's Throat. The complex is located in the Iguazu National Park, where you can admire the colorful wildlife. By the rivers Parana and Iguazu conduct fascinating tours by boat, you can also go to the dam Itaipu, one of the largest hydroelectric power in the world.

Each year, one of the finest attractions of Brazil visited by thousands of tourists from around the world who want to enjoy a true natural masterpiece. Iguazu Falls is the largest series of cascading waterfalls on the planet by the number of flowing water.


Водопады Игуасу