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South America - witchcraft and magic of the continent

South America - a huge continent, with high mountains, dense forests, endless steppes - pampas. The history of the continent extremely diverse, ranging from the ancient states of the Incas, Toltec and Maya, who left behind a pyramid, cyclopean stone buildings, stone balls and other mysteries, to the Spanish conquistadors, gold galleons From mass here, and to the revolutionary events of the 20th century.

It brought together hundreds of people and nationalities - local Indian tribes, slaves from Africa, the proud Spaniards and Portuguese, English and French pirates. They are all mingled in one pot the last 400 years. The resulting culture is so unique as it is distinctive. And inalienable place in it is the belief in magic and witchcraft.

There are several areas of traditional magic in contemporary South America. From the original inhabitants of the continent there are very few, but their magical practices often found in the literature. Particularly frequent mention of the Amazon shamans supposedly able to heal and kill people sorcery. Remember the sensational film "Jaguar". The second line came here from Africa, along with blacks - slaves. Mingling with Catholicism, magical practices became known as voodoo. In addition, along with newcomers from other countries, for example, from India, came and magical practices, but they know little. And, for example, in Guyana, small country in the north of the continent, there are even fans of the Indian goddess Kali, known for films with Indiana Jones.

The most ancient magical traditions preserved among Amazonian Indians, the inhabitants of the Amazon forest impassable. They have always been civilized by Europeans as savages, and only now, as the study of their customs and traditions, researchers understand that the Indians understand complex abstract ideas, they have developed moral and living standards. Perhaps it all comes from the ancient Incas. Such as they have developed and magical practices. Among Amazonian tribes still developed shamanism and shamans are revered and necessary members of society. They communicate with spirits, I command the forces of nature - rain, weather, floods, they treat patients. And they can send the magic arrows at the enemy, to send curses, witchcraft truck tires to blow.

Speaking of witchcraft and magic of South America, it should be noted voodoo magic. Voodoo - not only with the advent of black magic zombies, as in most films. Voodoo is common throughout South America, in large part, of course, among the descendants of blacks - slaves. Voodoo is a whole religion, rooted in the African beliefs and everyday life of former slaves. These beliefs are superimposed Catholicism, monks who are actively and forcibly inculcated into the heads of Christian slaves. African gods and Catholic saints hid behind. In the voodoo rituals invoking the spirits are there witches - the defenders, there is black magic. There are just everyday rituals, for example, has a magical liquid that, once crossed the boss, make add his salary.

These secrets and mysteries of this ancient culture holds the continent.