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Rubber - amazing milk from South America


Each person in the world, that such rubber - it is very elastic, sprawling compound, which is now used in virtually every sphere of life. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a world today without the rubber. But few people know that rubber is the birthplace of South America - rubber is extracted from the sap of certain tropical trees in the forests of the Amazon. Interesting fact - the most common and valuable rubber trees, Brazil goveya, grows only on the right bank of the Amazon.

In the northern Amazonian forests there are about twenty species of trees, from the sap of rubber, which can be obtained. As they reach the height of thirty feet. The leaves of trees are usually rubber-lobed, and during the flowering trees are covered with numerous pale green flowers. The fruit trees, rubber trees are small seed pods, each of which contains three seed. Cos these boxes burst with great force - the seeds of the pods fly away to a distance of 18 meters! The rubber is extracted from the sap of these trees, which is called latex - nadsekaetsya tree bark, and he is going to juice in special vessels.

More recently, the world's rubber is used very little. The first step to popularize the inventor of rubber made in America by Charles Gudiyar - today his name is one of the most famous corporations that produce automobile tires. The discovery brought a rubber Gudiyara such a fantastic reputation that in the second half of the nineteenth century in South America, thousands flocked to the hunters for profit. It began to appear detached villas and entire villages. In the late 19th century, the seeds of rubber trees were secretly taken to London and then to Sri Lanka, where plantations were established. Soon the rubber plantation is completely replaced the one that was mined in the natural forests of the Amazon.