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I remember when I was still a little girl stare at those who wear African braids. As a teenager and wanting to stand out from the crowd, I made myself the same braids that are so loved me once in my childhood. I then went terribly pleased with herself. And now, no, no, yes and flashes idea: Do not make me something of African hairstyles.

In fact, there are plenty of African hairstyles, but most of all we have, in the "white world" have taken root just braids. Such a popular way of styling hair in fact caused by living conditions in Africa. African women have hair stiff and thick. The water there - worth its weight in gold. So wash your hair frequently thence girls and women could not afford. We had to come up with a way to hair care to avoid washing your hair regularly. The solution was found - all kinds of plaiting the hair, called "braid."

African braids incredibly popular with our girls. Firstly, they attract the gaze of passers-by make and pay attention to the possessor of such a luxurious hair. Secondly, they simplify the care of hair, when not needed daily styling and frequent washing.
But venturing on a haircut, get ready for what will have to spend almost the whole day. Indeed, the optimal number of braids - not less than 200 pieces. In this case, braids themselves are thin, and hair will look like three-dimensional, weightless and elegant. During the weaving braids woven into kanekalon - additional locks. This allows you to choose any color that will match both with their own hair color, and contrast with it. The tips can make afrokosichek sealed or with the effect of "living the tip." Another plus of African braids - they are almost without exception, regardless of age.