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Beach Holidays in Venezuela

Пляжи Венесуэлы

In Guyana, the coast is not suitable for a beach holiday and swampy mangrove forests of dark brown water we get from the sea numerous rivers flowing into it, discourage any desire to swim. All resorts are located on the shores of Guyana, of rivers and is good for eco-tourism enthusiasts. But in neighboring Venezuela, excellent conditions for beach lovers.

Venezuela has about 1670 kilometers of sandy beaches and 73 islands of the resort. Most of the beaches of the necessary infrastructure and care for them. The major resorts are located in the state of Anzoategui, a little west of the capital of Caracas - is Marbella, Makuta, and Leguna Naiguata. The endless ribbon of beaches stretching from the lagoon to the Santa Fe Boca Urchile. Puerto Cruz are also popular with large and Maikveta wild beaches and excellent conditions for sport fishing.
Пляжи ВенесуэлыEspecially popular among locals and tourists arriving from afar, enjoy the island of Margarita. He is 38 km away from the mainland and is a free trade zone. The best place on the island to spend on bargain their labor earnings is the city of Porlamar. The eastern coast of Margarita is a series of beaches in the west to the sea the mountains of the peninsula suitable Makanao. The island's capital - the city of Asuncion. The most popular place among tourists - Agua beach. The total length of the beach about 4 km, width - 30 m. Along the coast, arranged Boulevard, which, thanks to a lacy shade trees planted along it, is a great place for walking.