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Travel to Oslo

Путешествие по ОслоThe ancient city of Oslo, founded by the Vikings back in the 11th century, situated in a convenient and beautiful location - on the shores of the Oslo Fjord, which flows into the North Sea. From Moscow to the Norwegian capital of the easiest to reach by plane, the trip takes about 5 hours.
Over the waters of the Oslo fjord, the main castle overlooks the town, built in the 13th century by King Haakon V. Fortress in Oslo Akerhyus protected from intrusion attempts to the city from the sea for 700 years. In the 19th century the castle became the administrative center of the armed forces. Today it is one of the main government buildings, which are events of national importance. Therefore, excursions are under the strict supervision of caretakers of the castle.
Oslo's main street - Karl Johans-- walking. In winter it turns into an outdoor skating rink, and this despite the fact that here are the most important public institutions in Norway. For example, the Royal Palace, home to the current head of state - King Harald V, who inherited the throne in 1991. If the flag is hoisted over the palace - the king of Norway. Visually inspect the residence of the monarch can only be part of an organized tour, and only in summer. A palace park is open to the public year-round, free of charge. Guided tours in the Norwegian Parliament building, which is also located on the street, Karl Johans-. The first stone was laid March 10, 1861. After 5 years there was a meeting of Parliament, for the first time in its own building. Norwegians so inspired by the discovery of its own Parliament, which they gave him a playful nickname "Storting" which means "big thing" - here solved a great job. The nickname stuck and suddenly became the official name.
Just 20 meters away from the Parliament - the town hall. Residents of Oslo had a lot of time to get used to this building of dark red brick. This place is the administrative center of the capital. In the main ceremonial hall town hall every year awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
In the Old Town All attractions are very close to each other. Near the town hall - the building of the National Theatre, built in the late 19th century. For a long time, the architects argued, in what style to build it. As a result, the facade decor combines elements of the Rococo, Baroque and Classicism. Architecture was not the only stumbling block. Outside the country, few people know that there are two Norwegian language - and popular book. National Theatre - Main Stage for performances at the new Norwegian - Nynorsk. The first performance was a critical drama of Henrik Ibsen's "Enemy of the People." Since then, the work of Norwegian playwright - the main part of the repertoire. The performances are without translation, but even those who do not speak the language Nynorsk is to look at. The bright stage action is full of folk dances and songs.
In the souvenir shops in the center of Oslo, you can buy a truly luxury items like jewelery in ethnic style. In addition to the decorations you can buy a national costume and handmade shoes. In the boutique you can not just buy souvenirs, but also to take part in their manufacture. For example, to master the technique of weaving may be a national right in the store. On weekends, there are a variety of courses. For 2 days you can learn the basics gobelenopleteniya, make a troll or an angel.
The ancient capital of Norway is rightly considered one of the most peaceful and comfortable cities in Europe. Oslo is so well designed that to find all of its attractions is possible even without a map. Getting lost is virtually impossible.