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Holiday in Namibia

Отдых в НамибииSouth Atlantic coast of Africa just south of the continent, between the two countries, South Africa, Namibia and Angola is located. This is quite a young and promising country in Africa, an incredibly large number of exciting opportunities for the existing recreation, with many of these natural wonders and historic towns inhabited by friendly people. If we talk about the conditions and climate, it should be noted that Namibia has the second largest number of people in Africa and is the best place for tourists who seek rest in a secluded and exotic places on the planet. Namibia is home to over two million people. One of the reasons why it is so fond of Namibia is a semi-desert weather, there is about 310 days of sunshine a year, making this resort a great place to relax. Another reason for the rest it is here is rich in wildlife, located in the territory of more than twenty-five parks and reserves List all we do not but these official of them are world famous such as Waterburg Plateau National Park, Namib-Naukluft National Park are the best places of its kind to meet with a very rare species of animals. But the best option for exploring the nature of a safari tour will be all the same throughout the country. You will surprise the different landscapes and the beauty of the countryside is absolutely immense and wild territory inhabited stunning canyons and most popular national parks in Africa where wildlife at every turn, all this makes Namibia a great place for nature lovers vacation. Tourism here is constantly evolving and is now visiting the country for more than two million tourists a year. Yet it should be noted that the country is very rich in the presence of geological phenomena which in turn attracts the lovers of the landscape. High sand dunes in the world Sossvley stone forest in Damarlend, Sesriem Canyon Cave Arhem and beyond. Enormous popularity of the forest Kuurtri, which declared a national monument, which is famous for its Kolchanova trees, some of which reaches a height of ten meters. If you decide to get acquainted with the unusual one might even say one of a kind culture that Namibia is the right choice. Here you will find different ways of life, stunning festivals and exhibitions which will be able to learn all about different cultures. And the people of Namibia are famous for their hospitality and warm reception. We recommend always go on a trip to the farmer.