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Men's rituals in South America: Indians Tukano

Мужские обряды Южной Америки: индейцы туканоIndian tribes Tukano live primarily in forests of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. Some part of Colombia is also inhabited by them. Most Indians are extremely religious Tukano, their folk beliefs are far from Christianity, though some of them are followers of monotheism. Their life is simple, men are the same soldiers and miners, are subject to certain ritual practices, which have much in common with the mythology and religious rites of the tribes of northern Amazonia. One of the main rituals for men of the Indians is Tukano initiation of boys, that is, their transition to a new state, which is carried through yurupari - a journey to hallucinations.

Yurupari is a ritual dance, in which use wooden horns. It is noteworthy that the female half of the tribe was strictly forbidden to watch for the initiation, in particular for this dance. Therefore, women were forced to retreat into the forest. Own horn like device to fill the liners, hollow blowing sound. Initiation ritual was primarily intended to propitiate the spirits, which contribute to recovery from illness and to demonstrate their superiority over women. Мужские обряды Южной Америки: индейцы туканоAs used in this hallucinogenic drink ayauaska otherwise yazhe, was to ensure the entry of boys into a trance. Four pairs of horns yurupari participate in the ritual, emitting a deep mystical buzz. Men wrapped bunches of bright horns ceremonial feathers.

The rhythmic sounds of horns, as well as an earthen vessel with ayauaska, which symbolizes a woman's womb, return the boys to doutrobnoe state. Many people who drink this drink, suffer from severe nausea, and they have to beat each other's legs. Further, men gather in a circle rhythmically loose, pre-decorated with a feather crowns. Tukano believe that when they only came to inhabit the area, lived here spirits of cannibals. The basis of this ritual formed the mythical notion that men first tribe had only one woman who had a male part of the dangerous influence.