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Choose the hotel .

Без права на ошибку. Выбираем отель.

Choose the hotel . A very important component of any successful holiday is that the conditions in which you reside . After all, vacation is not only swimming in the sea , or walking to the historical attractions of a city . Sometimes , paradoxically , people are so tired lying on the beach , which rush to his hotel room as almost late for a departing train .


The same applies to the tourists whose trips saturated long ekskursionki obviously that spending many hours of walking, only wish the evening remains quickly to sprawl on a comfortable bed in a room that becomes a vacation home.
Given this, the most important aspect of a successful holiday , which really bring pleasure , the hotel is the right choice . Growing hotel infrastructure in this market creates an unprecedented competition, but not always, means the amount of quality. Because some universal advice at the expense of what matters at the expense of the hotel should ask your travel agent , so as not to make a mistake in choosing the place of settlement .
The first , and most obvious , the issue price , on the one hand, like everything here is very clear , but there are some nuances. Quite often the practice or the provision of hotel discounts, or a sudden rise in prices, often it happens at the time of any major event or festival taking place in the city. So once again to clarify the room at one time or another will be the right decision.
An important consideration when selecting a hotel , there should be information about the power system provided by the institution. After eating at the resorts only in cafes and restaurants will cost is not cheap . The lion's share of hotel room rates include breakfast only . Beach resorts , more than any other observed system " all inclusive " . The most common type of food is a buffet.
Further , it is important to know how , in fact, looks like the room and what it has amenities. That is, it would be correct to clarify the area of ​​the room , the availability of air conditioning, mini bar , separate bath and shower , etc. Also , for active travelers will be useful to know whether at the hotel swimming pools, gyms , tennis courts , restaurant, etc.
Oh and one more , perhaps the key , the hotel location . Someone wants to live next to the sea , while others prefer the city center. One thing is clear , if a major European city , then you need to look for a nearby hotel with good transport interchange, such as Bagration hotel , so easy access to key attractions.