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праздник воздушных змеев

Feast of kites in Guyana.
I was not able to trace where in Guyana, there was a tradition to celebrate the holiday of kites.
праздник воздушных змеевNone of the neighboring countries of South America and West Indies, there is no such holiday.
праздник воздушных змеевOf the six nations that form the basis of the people of Guyana, has two nationalities, coming from countries where there is a tradition zapuskaniya kites - China and India. Maybe that's the secret origin of the holiday kites in Guyana.
              It has been suggested that the festival of kites in Guyana is a way of celebrating the resurrection of Christ in the Easter days.
On Good Friday, all enterprises in Guyana are closed, no films in movie theaters.

фестиваль воздушных змеев

 In many churches held services. The mood is not joyful.
But the fun starts on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
In the sky fly thousands of kites. All colors, shapes and sizes.
Prepare for the feast of kites begin long before Easter.
Children buy construction paper and make their kites. Everyone tries to make the snake to fly above all, singing the loudest.
фестиваль воздушных змеевEspecially jealous attached to its tail the serpent blade that could cut off during the flight string of other kites.
Of course, some are upset because of such barbarism, but most people accept it as part of the game, part of the holiday.
фестиваль воздушных змеев I can not say with certainty that the festival of kites for Easter. Indeed, in this celebration on the streets with the kites out and Muslims and Hindus. People of all nationalities, religions and ages.
It's especially pleasing, of course, children.