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Amazing developments in the Atacama Desert

Already two years ago, in 2010 for the entire coast of Chile this summer dawned the most unusual and surprising - it started raining. In this area people are in such sediments is clearly not used to. Here the rain, rather, is a big nuisance than something nice and appropriate. Even the desert called Atacama, which has long been recognized as one of the driest, not able to avoid heavy rainfall.

In the arid coast of Chile at a time of rainfall six times more than the usual rate for this region. Usually they do not happen here, and here in the Andes formed a layer of snow a meter deep.

Streams of lava, sand and salt particles - that is the main composition of the desert. One hundred and sixty miles - the width of the desert, and a thousand kilometers in length it is stretched. Rain has never been here at all in some places. On the seventieth year of the sixteenth century on the seventy-first year of the twentieth century, meteorologists have never recorded rainfall in the area. Nowhere. Ten to fifteen million years - that this is the age of the desert, so it is considered one of the oldest. From zero to twenty five degrees - such fluctuations occur here with the temperature. This desert is still considered to be the coldest, hot, you are sure will not. The good news is that the element had no effect on the cost of creating websites.

Atacama is considered by many as the most lifeless, but it is - a great mistake. Here, comfortable feel, not only ferns and cacti, there are many other vegetation. Flamingo is also very common, their habitat and the host are swimming pools, where there is salt water. Precipitation began to reason that there was more vegetation, wild flowers were among the first harbingers of great changes.

But do not forget that human activity is also strongly affects not only the environment in general, but also on the conditions in the desert, in particular.