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How to cook the dhal puri or roti

Гайана. Национальная кухня.The most delicious roti (for my taste, of course) is Dhal puri.


Cooking them is not very

difficult, but all have their nuances.


Гайана. Готовим роти.First, cooked peas. To give yellow-puri take a split pea. Fill with water to cover the peas and cook until almost ready.


Back in the colander, and give extra water to drain well.

At this time, prepare the dough.Гайанна. Готовим дайпури.


Гайана. Кухня Гайаны.

Take 0.5 kg of flour, 1 teaspoon no slides of soda, 1 teaspoon no slides and 1 tablespoon salt olive oil. Add water in small pieces and knead the dough. Not too hard, not too soft. Leave to infuse.

We continue to prepare the filling:

Гайана. Кухня Гайаны.Peel 1 medium onion, 2 cloves garlic 1 red pepper spicy (remove the seeds, so there were not too badly). All cut and fry in a pan with 2 tsp olive oil.

Add a teaspoon 

of ground cumin. Add peas and fry everything together.

Cool slightly and grind in a blender to puree. Add salt to taste. Filling is ready.

Кухня Гайаны

Dough into small balls share. Sprinkle a little flour.