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Honeymoon: where to go traveling?

Traveling during the honeymoon is very different from a simple trip, because here every detail must be thought out, everything must be perfect and memorable. That's why you should carefully consider where you go to relax on your honeymoon. The main thing in making this decision - do not listen to anybody's advice, and rely on their intuition and desire. Yet in the world there are few places where you often go newlyweds from all over the world.

The most romantic city, which has seen a lot in my lifetime loving couples, is, of course, Paris. It was at this point in the world want to go to the majority of young people during their honeymoon. And it is not strange, but here the very air is impregnated romance that you feel walking on the Champs-Elysees or dinner at the Eiffel Tower itself. Many people who have visited on their honeymoon in Paris, said that marriage was worth at least to visit Paris.

Many couples tend to spend their honeymoon close to exotic, where you can feel like in paradise. It is such a place is Thailand. In recent years, its resorts and white sandy beaches attract more and more couples. The best resort for your honeymoon is Phuket, which is famous for its exotic restaurants, lively nightlife and excellent service. You can not only bask in the sun, but will go on an excursion to nearby fishing villages, and see the life of local residents.

Keeping up with the places where to send the newlyweds on their honeymoon and Switzerland, which not only glorified the whole world for expensive watches and the most delicious chocolate, but also a romantic cruise, lakes and waterfalls, which increase the feeling of joy, the Alps, that seems to be propped up its vertices heaven itself. Here you can dine on the terrace of a medieval castle, look at the wonderful scenery of nature.

The strongest competitor of Paris has always been Venice, another city which is rightly called "the city of lovers." That it is a unique city that is literally built on water. What could be more romantic than a gondola ride in Venice, illuminated night? And if you pay a little more then happy to perform the gondolier to serenade your loved one, exactly like in the old days played for beloved boys under balconies.

In Cyprus, everything is provided for wedding travel (article for reflection), so you can even spend the very wedding. The inhabitants of this island are very fond of the wedding, so you can rent and a veil and dress, and even jewelry. And every hotel will prepare all necessary to the bride and groom feel well and nothing to worry.

No less a romantic journey to ancient Egypt. Here you'll find everything and clean beaches, and exotic, and interesting excursions. Romantic newlywed precisely maintained, because only here you can order a statement of fakirs or see belly dancing, and even learn to dance itself.

With your honeymoon begins life together, so it's important to make it unique.