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Romania. In a country of Count Dracula

Special features of this country - it's tales and legends of antiquity, and goodies. Traveling to Romania, pay attention to the peculiarities of the Romanian cities, they are amazing in their own way. Ancient Alba-Iulia, which was the last capital of the Dacian warrior tribes. Idyllic Sibiu with multi-colored houses, created just for walks.

The biggest river port of Romania - Galati. Seaside resorts, chain stretching along the Black Sea. The romantic city of Iasi. In Bucharest, tourists can visit the parliament building, which is located in a former palace of Ceausescu, in his area, he ranks second in the world after the Pentagon. The palace has about six thousand rooms all possible. In the city of many interesting monasteries and palaces that represent real architectural masterpieces.

If you find yourself in the Romanian Bukovina then you will hit her temples, painted murals inside and outside of wondrous beauty. For centuries, they retain the brightness of colors, despite the vagaries of weather and political turmoil. The most famous of the monasteries located in the eastern Varanets called the Sistine Chapel. It is very popular among tourists and the majestic church-fortress-Kalnik Biertan and, in the last well preserved unique is the massive wooden altar. In general in the Romanian towns and villages many wooden churches, that fascinate tourists an atmosphere of calm and well-groomed.

In Romania, there are numerous medieval castles. This is a powerful, strong structures, usually on three sides protected by impregnable mountain peaks. No wonder: they were, how to defend against enemies. Castles, built in the nineteenth century, lighter, sleeker and more luxurious. And each of Romanian castles are usually required to be covered with legends and mysteries. In vain idle without the ghosts, ghosts and vampires, they do not currently allow. Perhaps our "castles new Russian" too soon obrastut legends and ghosts, and we will flee from them in the hotels of Sochi.

Romania has a unique nature. The heart of the country - Southern and Eastern Carpathians, where a lot of beautiful mountain ranges with steep ledges, which are covered with pristine forests to the very top. And, of course, the majestic beautiful Danube. The pride of Romania is the unique Danube delta, where you can see flocks of pelicans and pink curly. Fabulous lakes, canals, floating islands, picturesque hills, groves of willows and reeds. This natural paradise on earth.