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1. Japan.

Japan - the beautiful and mysterious East Asia, located on the island. These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, in the Japanese archipelago, consisting of more than 6,000 islands. Japan - the country of the rising sun, its people first meet a new day, as the sun rises in the east the same. Japan's population totals 127 million people. Japan - bright, beautiful country with its nature, architecture and traditions.

2. The flag and the capital of Japan.

Tokyo - Japan's capital, its administrative, financial, cultural, industrial center. The largest city economy in the world. Flag of Japan in the homeland it is called the Hinomaru is a white canvas with a big red circle in the middle that symbolizes the rising sun.

3. Mount Fuji

In Japan, most of the islands mountainous, many volcanic. The most famous volcano, Mount Fuji, is located on Mount Fuji. This is the highest point in Japan. Fuji is located on the island of Honshu, is often depicted in numerous paintings thanks to its unique, almost perfect conical shape. Fuji is considered not only a place which is visited annually by thousands of tourists, but also a sacred place for Buddhists.

4. Amazing plants in Japan.

I'll tell you about the two, my favorite, plants.

Sakura- name of several trees of the subfamily plum. Many species, called "Sakura", used in the culture only as ornamental plants and fruit.
Kohii - is one of the rare and beautiful plants in Japan. Kohii - very prickly plant bright color. Specific color plants give bright red stems. Kohii also called summer cypress.

5. Unique animal Japan

The fauna is very rich, a lot of animals are found in Japan. I liked these rare animals:

Japanese ognennobryuhy newt - In the wild, this species of newt living on the islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, inhabiting ponds with clean and cool water. Are mostly aquatic life, although they may go to the land. Feed on worms, grubs, insects, slugs and other invertebrates.

Japanese flying squirrel. Nocturnal animal eats bark, nuts, seeds, and sometimes insects. Builds nests in hollows and the forks of trees of moss and lichen. Commercial value is not due to the fragile skin.

6. Japanese architecture

Japanese architecture and is very diverse.

Minka- simple wooden structure, the most adapted to the climate of the country. Usually, this solid house built in several floors. Room inside the house were separated by movable screens. Usually Minka considered peasant house. Minka now preserved only in the countryside. Nowadays, modern houses and buildings in Japan have a varied appearance, even the most fantastic. All homes are built unique and equipped according to the latest technologies.

7. Japanese castle

In Japan, a lot of different locks. Here are some of them: Inuyama Castle, Himeji Castle (Castle egret), Gifu Castle, Kanazawa Castle.

8. Japanese.

Residents of Japan prefer to eat organic foods. They eat mostly rice, fish, seafood, vegetables and noodles. The most famous dishes - it's sushi and rolls. Sometimes use Japanese marbled beef.