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The most picturesque country in South America is Venezuela. It boasts snow-capped peaks and the Andes, and the Amazon jungle. And sandy beaches. In Venezuela, you can see the highest waterfall on the planet - Angel, as well as the world's longest cable car.

Located on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela in South America. It is bordered by Colombia, Brazil and Guyana. No other country in the world can boast so many Miss Universe winners. In addition to beautiful women, there is still a lot to see in Venezuela. What specifically can be viewed on the Internet, many are interested in the question, what is the candy bar and boutique shops which can be visited. Next, we consider the most basic facts about this wonderful camp.

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, it is situated at an altitude of 900 m, in a beautiful scenic valley. Founded the city of Spanish conqueror Diego de Losaga in 1567, his first name was Santiago de Leon de Caracas. Just Caracas, a city, the birthplace of Simon Bolivar, he commanded the war for independence, and everywhere in the city felt the presence of the spirit of this hero. Many architectural and cultural attractions in Caracas is located in the old part of town. The museum building is located in Caracas in the Plaza Bolivar, where a collection of numerous pictures and documents that relate to the struggle for independence. Even here you can see the picturesque cathedral Catedral de Caracas, it was made in colonial style, is the burial place of the parents of Simon Bolivar and his wife. And also here you can see the residence of the Archbishop of Venezuela. In the city center, in a circle on the Plaza Morelos, often called also the "area of ​​the museum" are Transport Museum, the Museum of Colonial Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Noteworthy Santa Capilla - Neo-Gothic church, the colonial district Petares and monumental palace Palacio de Miraflor, as well as night noisy areas of La Castellana, La Floresta, El Rosalia and Las Mercedes.

In the district of Caracas are so many interesting places, and most impressive of them - it's Avila National Park. Not far from him indescribable beauty extends to the Caribbean coast resort areas and beaches. People who are looking for a place, to sunbathe and relax prefer a seaside resort on the island of Margarita. The island is more than a hundred luxury hotels and beaches are among the best in the country. The most important property of the island is Angel Falls.