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Peru: what to see in Trujillo

The city of Trujillo, capital of the department of La Libertad, one of the most famous cities in Peru. It was founded even before the capital Lima, Peru, the Spanish conqueror Diego de Almagro December 6, 1534 near the capital of Chimu people - Chan Chan city. Chimu - the people who lived in Peru before the Incas.

In the interval between 1685 and 1687 years because of the pirates at all known for its luxury town in Trujillo built a protective wall, which to this day thanks to the historical center of Trujillo, there is virtually unchanged. Big old houses, beautiful churches, streets and squares - all of them are powerful witnesses to the history of the city of Trujillo.

The most advanced city, Trujillo first declared independence from Truyillo was the first city in Peru, the country announced its independence from the Spanish colonists December 20, 1820.

For a long time, right up to the mid-twentieth century, Trujillo was an agrarian town, basis for gaining profits from agriculture and the export of rice and sugar cane, and only recently in the industrial revolution.

Near the city of a great many cultural monuments and Chimu peoples Mochica, such as Chan Chan citadel known, which UNESCO recognized heritage of world culture.

Known as the city of Trujillo in annual jumps "Kabalos de Paso" and passing this international festival of Spring and a dance contest "Mariner." In Trujillo's pay great attention to art: ballet festivals are international, contemporary art festivals, exhibitions, straw craft. Trujillo earned is the cultural capital of Peru.

Tourists also must visit the famous mineral spa in the vicinity of Trujillo - Huanchako and the fishing harbor.

Summarizing, we can recommend a visit to the Peruvian city of Trujillo true connoisseurs of Latin American culture.