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National parks of South America

Few people know that in South America, there are about three hundred parks, beautiful and exotic that rivals the famous Galapagos Islands. Some of these parks are huge - more of their territory the territory of some small states, while others are so small that they can get around on foot for several hours. Among them are inaccessible, remote from the usual tourist routes, and there are some, a visit which includes a mandatory program of every traveler.

Columbia Tayrona National Park stretches of snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the northern Caribbean coast. The fauna of the park is unique - there live about 300 species of birds and more than 180 species of mammals. In addition, the coast is inhabited by rare species of corals, mollusks and fish. The park is renowned for being together several climatic zones and an exceptional variety of landscapes. Canaima National Park in Venezuela is the world's tallest waterfall - Angel. It is described in the "Lost World" Conan Doyle. In addition to Angel here, there are several dozen other waterfalls, lagoons and many rivers, as well as the world-famous table mountains - Tepui. One of the largest glaciers in the world, Perito Moreno - located in a park in Los Glasyarens in Argentina. The government has made great efforts for the improvement of the park - now in Argentina, it is difficult to find a specialist who would not participate in full-scale works at least indirectly. The biggest work was carried out directly around the glacier - today it is surrounded by spectacular multi-level wood.

On the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu is a magnificent park. The two countries share a huge, stunningly beautiful waterfall, but lying on different sides of his part of the park belong to different countries. On the Argentine side is the most waterfalls in the park - there are about 250. In the Brazilian part of the park they are fewer, but they are much more accessible to the public. And in the National Park Cotopaxi in Ecuador is the highest active volcano in the world, which bears the same name as the park itself. At the foot of the volcano are the ruins of the ancient ritual structures - Ecuadorians felt terrible volcano god.