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Mythology of the Indians of South America

Mythology of the Indians of South America combines the legends of several dozen ethnic groups. In Indian mythology, there is almost no myths about the creation of the world. Sometimes referred to that have been created heaven and earth (in Quechua), or only the earth (in mosetene), or even the world (in Vaika). More common understanding of the universe as a sudden change, restructuring, when events moved into its opposite. For example, in the myths of the Toba heaven and earth were not in place, and then changed and became the earth below, and above it - the sky. Emergence of the modern world is preceded by a cosmic catastrophe, destroying more ancient times, a more ancient world.

Myths about such disasters are widespread in South America. It's either a fire or flood, at least - the cold weather, darkness, the invasion of monsters. Before his death in the world of people attacked objects that suddenly came to life, svirepeli pets, rocks and trees.

The scenes depicting these myths on vases and other utensils. Myths about changing each other's worlds and eras in America do not represent the idea of ​​regression, although some of the tribes mentioned about the past abundance and prosperity. The reason for accidents in some cases not mentioned in others it is just a coincidence, for example, from the roots of the tree begins to pour the water and causes a flood, it will in the third highest of mystical creatures. There are stories associated with the anger of the gods to the people who do not comply with these regulations and they do not abide by the rules of morality. There are also similarities with the Bible, for example the characters produced one animal after another to explore, and the last of them figured out that the land is suitable for life, it often was a bird. Other tribal people threw a tree into the water the seeds and fruits, to see how she slept. Birds also threw lumps of earth into water, which was formed from land. Disaster myths in the Americas can be local, with the extermination of one kind, and villages. Myths about the origin of man is also very interesting. The ancestors of modern Indians is associated with cultural heroes, such as a Karuskaybe munduruku or ancestors appear spontaneously.

People come from the Indians from the sky, or from the underworld, or from the trunk of the tree. Cultural hero frees people - punches a hole in the trunk, killing townspeople yield a monster. People go down to the new world by a rope or vine, the chain of arrows, or by growing the tree to the sky. Many Indian tribes of South America, there are myths about the Supreme Deity. Sometimes it's the old sun-god, who has a new sun-son. Common association with a bird deity more often male, but there are female characters. In many legends, the goddess of fertility gives land (the agricultural tribes), or the offspring of cattle (the hunter-gatherer).

The mythology of the Indian tribes of South America unique and not similar to these stories of other peoples, the myths often occur mystical things, death, and you can read about the brutality and impunity of the enemies of destiny.