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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Regard to history in a kind of Guyanese. Гайана, музеи.In general, it is understandable that their slave history lyudya do not want to keep quivering memory.
                 They want to forget that their ancestors were slaves.
Гайана, музеи The museum is dedicated in Georgetown, most of the natural sciences.
                 All kinds of stuffed animals living here, and snakes occupy the entire second floor.
On the first floor of the little dishes, antique printing presses, paintings by local artists, all mixed up. Not that the zoological museum, but not historic.
Гайана, музеиHowever, there are in Guyana and private museums. For example, the private history museum in the West Bank Demerara. The owner of the museum a European tour leads himself. The museum is a tiny hotel on a few numbers, you can spend the night and the next day to stay again in detail to consider its collection.
               Taking photographs at museums are not allowed, so the photographs that could peek.