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Tours in Montreal, Canada

TТуры в Монреаль, Канадаravel to North America while committing not so many of our fellow citizens, because they cost very expensive. However, if you take advantage of discounts on last-minute trips to Canada, the cost of such trips can be reduced significantly. One of the cities that makes sense to visit in this country, is Montreal.
It is located in the Province of Quebec, on the same island, located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa. According to recent statistics, the population of Montreal is about 1.62 million. The native language of most people in this city is French, although almost all owned and English.

The first inhabitants of those places, now a Montreal, were the Iroquois Indians who settled there in about 2000 years before the arrival of Europeans. Frenchman Jacques Cartier, who visited those places in the XVI century, in their records indicated that there exists a village in which live about 1000 people. For unclear reasons, until the beginning of XVIII century natives left the modern Montreal, and a Samuel de Champlain in 1611, where he organized an item on the fur trade. Around him there was a settlement, which grew rapidly. The official date of foundation of Montreal is May 17, 1642, he received the city rights in 1832, and even for some (though very short) period of time was the capital of Canada. By the middle of the XX century, it became the largest economic center of the country, but because of the growth of separatist tendencies in Quebec and English-speaking population outflow soon gave the palm to Toronto.
One of the most interesting areas of the city is Old Montreal, which for the majority of its architectural landmarks. Among them are the Town Hall, built in 1878 in the so-called "imperial" style of architecture, Montreal Cathedral, as well as the building of New York Life, which is considered the first Canadian skyscraper.
To look once panorama of Montreal, you have to climb to the observation deck, located on the same hill, stands in the center of town. There is also one of its symbols: a cross, having a height of over 30 meters and established in 1924 as a symbol of the Catholic faith. On the northern slope of the mountain is the Cathedral of St. Joseph, which is the largest Christian church in Canada. Around the broken magnificent park that love to spend their leisure time residents.
Worthy of attention, and Windsor Station, which was built in the late XIX century and situated in the heart of Montreal. It is notable for the fact that, judging by his appearance, can not be said that his age is more than a hundred years. Next to it stands the church of Saint-Georges, rooms are decorated with great stained glass windows, wooden sculptures and tapestries.
Travelers coming to Montreal, it is recommended to visit the Old Port, next to which is divided magnificent park. Near it houses the Museum of Modern Art, which displays many works as Canadian and European artists. Those tourists who love during his trips abroad to engage in shopping, be sure to visit the market Bonsekur.
Despite the fact that Canada is far from Russia and the flights there and back cost a considerable amount, purchase inexpensive things to do in Montreal is quite possible. They often offer a discount season major tour operators, long time working on North American.