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Chile, Puerto Varas

Чили, Пуэрто ВарасPuerto Varas - a small, clean and perfectly safe Chilean town. Puerto Varas is most famous for two active volcanoes - Calbuco and Osorno, good, very "home" of hotels, cozy restaurants, great wine, considered one of the best in the world and welcoming friendly locals. Puerto Montt - located 20 minutes away from Puerto Varas. It contains most of the fishing area and several small wineries, the largest office and shopping centers, and home to many more people than in Puerto Varas. But, nevertheless, those of local residents, who posostoyatelney prefer to build or rent housing is in Puerto Varas. Come to the city the tourists prefer to stay in the Cabanas del Lago - considered the best in town hotel. This is completely wooden building, inside divided into large rooms with wonderful views of the sea. The hotel rooms are almost always busy. Which is explained by the rapid development of tourist business in Chile, so planning a trip to Puerto Varas, a room is better to book in advance. In Chile, the hottest month is February, but at this time in Puerto Varas is not hot, as opposed to Santiago, where the temperature does not drop below about 25 degrees, and want to take a dip in the lake is not much. The entire lakefront covered blackberry thickets and blackberry lovers can freely collect the berries that grow in abundance. Besides the hotel, you can take in the city and a very good apartment prices, which vary depending on the season. Local residents in Puerto Varas claim that there is no national Chilean cuisine, as a special concept. They are right or not, but the restaurants in the city, mainly serves Mexican cuisine. Of the local "specialties" is worth special mention intimidating size steaks offered at the local Steak House and restaurants. Great steak weighs no more and no less - 700g.! And of drinks - cocktail Pisco Sour, made from local liqueur, lime juice or lemon juice, sugar and ice. And, of course, do not forget the wine. Chile - one of the largest exporters of their wine to Europe. Ten dollars in city shops you can buy wine, which can not be bought in Moscow and twenty times more expensive. Of the best white wines here Montes Alpha, and of red - Santa Ema.