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Гоацин - в Гайане

Goatsin refers to a primitive species of birds and has a close affinity with some of the earliest fossils of birds. It is assumed that the national bird of Guyana is descended from dinosaurs. This bird combines the properties of reptiles, birds and Archaeopteryx today. It looks like some sort of a transitional form from lizards to birds, frozen in time in its development.
Гоацин - в ГайанеIts scientific name Opisthocomus hoatzin means "pheasant with a crest along its back."

This is an amazing relic bird. In Goatsina little body fat, fat legs, a long wide tail, long neck and a small untidy head, topped by a crest of spiny feathers.
Characteristic features are also Goatsina brown feathers during the breeding season the males bright blue "person" and red eyes, and a strong musky odor - its natural defense against predators.

Гоацин - в Гайане

Meat also has Goatsina Goatsin certainly, especially birds. Very few flies in the summer and for short distances. It feeds on leaves.
Chicks Goatsina swim. This is a very useful skill, since vit Goatsiny love their

Гоацин - национальная птица Гайаны

Gniezno in the trees overhanging the numerous rivers. However, the skill of diving birds lose in adulthood.
In addition, chicks have claws on their wings, by which they climb trees. Very funny looking little goatsiny crawling on a tree in all four extremities. These claws are also disappearing in adulthood.
But at the same time, an adult bird begins to sing.
It is true that those who heard singing Goatsina consider it more like a croak.
Goatsiny in Guyana live on the banks of the Berbice River and its tributaries.