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КраковFrom what you have associated the name of the Polish city of Krakow? Perhaps, first of all with Krakow sausage and dance Cracovienne.

In this city, and now much recalls the time he has served as chief for the city of Polish kings. The names of these kings is now immortalized in the names of streets and cathedrals. Old Town of Krakow - a real gem. It is surrounded by boulevards Planty and here almost all steeped in history: the old stone houses that lined the narrow streets of the small, rest against the sky the spiers of cathedrals, beautiful cobbled streets.

If you're in the city, by all means visit the "Wawel Hill." This architectural complex, which is crucial for Poland. This is almost the same as that for Russia the Kremlin. In the middle of this architectural ensemble you will see the Royal Castle, as well as built in honor of local saints and Stanislaus Wenceslas Cathedral. Incidentally, it is crowned to the throne of the Polish kings. Near the entrance to the cathedral you will see the ancient mammoth bones. Legend has it that they bring prosperity to Krakow. There is also a version that is not a mammoth bone, and a dragon who kidnapped the beautiful girls, settling on the Wawel Hill. Captured the girls, according to legend, he ate. Then, when he came to power, the son of King Krak, he managed to defeat the dragon. There are several other versions. View caves tunes here come the townspeople and tourists on a mystical way.

By the way, the castle burned down several times, and then re-lined. The status of residence of kings was lost Wawel hill in the XII century. But the Poles will still give this place a special significance.

If you go further, at the beginning of the street you will see Grodsky Church of St. Martin. In Krakow, in fact, many churches, and avoid them all at once is impossible - it will take several days.

If you walk further, you can see the Market Square, built in 1257 Here is St. Mary's Church, built in the XV century. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. The two towers are decorated with tall spiers, and they vary in height. Every hour there is heard a quiet melodic sound of the trumpet. Entrance to St. Mary's Church on the weekends is free, but in everyday life have to buy a ticket.

On the market square you can also see rows of cloth, which were built in the Casimir the Great. There is also a picture gallery and a large number of cafes, where you can enjoy a variety of Polish food. In addition, there are small shops and some souvenir shops.

In fact, you can move to Krakow for hours, or return here time and again, in any case, a new visit to the city for yourself, you can open it again.