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In GuyВодопад Амалия в Гайанеana, there are 276 waterfalls.
The most famous and important of these are located on the river (and tributaries) and Potaro Korranteyn.
Waterfall "Amalia" is loca
ted on the river Kuribrong (Potaro inflow) in the west central Guyana. Water drops vertically about 200 feet (60 meters), then drop continues a series of rapids over 2 km long, until it reaches the calm waters at an altitude of 175 feet above sea level (about 50 meters). Thresholds change the direction of flow of the river from the east to the north.
In the lower slopes of the walls of the waterfall rapids rather flat, but as th
Водопад Кайчур в Гайанеey rise up the walls are almost vertical.
There is a plan to build on this power falls, which may be enough power for all existing customers in Guyana. And maybe then the country will stop, "blokauty" when power supply just stopped for an indefinite period (perhaps one hour, two and three ...).
Waterfall "Kaychur" located on the river Potaro. Its height is 226 meters to the first threshold, then follow the step cascades. The total height of 251 meter waterfall.

Many waterfalls and above Kaychura, but few can boast the same combination of height and volume of water. This waterfall is considered one of the highest and most powerful free-fall height of water up to the first threshold, but not the highest.
It is five times higher than the famous Niagara Водопад king George 6 в ГайанеFalls on the border of Canada and the United States, and nearly twice the famed Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.
The height to the first threshold Falls Kaychur only 123 in the world by volume of water - at 19, 26 and the width of the site.
The uniqueness of this waterfall is in the combination of its height and volume of falling water.
The waterfall was opened April 24, 1870 by British geologist Charles Barrington Brown and James Sokinsom.
In Guyana, there are several waterfalls, named after English kings. This creates confusion in distinguishing them. For example, a waterfall of King Edward 8, 260m high, located on the river in South Semang Guyana. It is often confused with a waterfall of
King Edward 6, or the King George Falls, 6 high-rises about 200 m, situated on a river in South Korranteyn Guyana. While this is not the tallest waterfall, but the combination of its size and height make it very noticeable. The waterfall was opened in 1938.

Another famous waterfall Guyana - Orinduk, located on the river Ayreng, which meВодопад Ориндук в Гайанеrges with the river Takata, and that, in turn, empties into the Amazon. By the way, Ayreng - the only river in Guyana, which flows from north to south. Ayreng River, and followed her Takata river located on the border of Guyana and Brazil.
Itself is a series of waterfalls Orinduk beautiful cascades situated among picturesque hills Pakarayma Highlands. Baths cascades are a great place for swimming.
By the way,
the water in the rivers of Guyana densely insisted on fallen leaves of rain forest, and have a high concentration of tannin. The water of these rivers makes hair and skin soft and silky.