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Hard times for Argentina

Нелегкие времена для АргентиныAmong other South American countries, Argentina stands out as a state, more than any other assimilated into Europe. However, this is what has made it possible to create a special Argentine culture, and distinguish it from other powers. As for the locals, the indigenous Indians are practically no, and civil society was formed by immigrants from England, Germany, the Slavic peoples. As for the Indians, the small indigenous villages can be seen in the northern and southern Argentina.

Argentina was once famous for its wealth and economic recovery. But not so long ago she had gone through an economic crisis after another, which could not affect the standard of living of the population. But to this day, Argentines are proud of their nation, the main feature of which is the pride and respect for history and its traditions. And although they do not spend advertising companies Facebook and do not shout about it on all sides, their customs play an important role in everyday life and everyday life.

Beginning of the twenty-first century has not passed to Argentina without a trace. Hard economic crisis painfully answered almost every. Fear and panic sentiment is particularly suited to families, newcomers, because the jobs are shrinking, unemployment is spreading across the country, the streets are filled with homeless and poor, grow up illegal settlements in the major cities held demonstrations. Some time ago this was not the norm in Argentina.

However, the crisis did not break the will of the Argentine people. They are trying to not only survive, but do not lose their identity, do not forget their roots, not to betray the tradition. Argentines are all the same attentive and friendly towards tourists, as well as many years ago.