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праздники Южной Америки

This is an annual festival of popular colors, the spring festival.
Holi - is a very ancient festival, and most likely it for several centuries older than Christ. The holiday marks the onset of summer.
фестиваль красок Previously, Holly was named Holick. So called his sister legendary king of demons invulnerable to fire. фестиваль красокThe king of demons has received a gift from Brahma invulnerability - he could not be killed, "day and night, and neither the house nor outside it, either on earth or in heaven, neither man nor animal." As a result, he was so proud that imagines himself the master of the universe. фестиваль красокHowever, the demon king's son Prahlad Vishnu revered for his father was angry at him and even made several unsuccessful assassination attempts. Finally, he ordered his sister to put Holick Prahlad on her knees and taken away with him to the stake. The fire was not to cause harm but Holick Prahlad began to ask for help from Vishnu, and it so happened that it was burned down evil Holick burned down.
Фестиваль красок. Праздники Южной Америки - Пагва в Гайане The coolness was still alive, his life and then chanting Vishnu - God of truth and the law. To the fire coming national storytellers telling about the great deeds of Vishnu, the huge flying bird Garuda - Slayer snakes.
The holiday is celebra
ted for 2 days (usually in late March - early April), the full moon.
In a multiethnic country, where peacefully coexist with each other a lot of diverse cultures, languages, gods and religions, traditions and customs and spring holidays are more than enough, but Holly is unique in its own way. It is dedicated to the god of love Kamadeve whose bow, according to traditional Hindu iconography, is made from sugar cane, arrows - from the stalks of flowers, a string consists of a swarm of buzzing bees.
праздник красокOn the night before the second day of the holiday throw a huge fire, which burned Holick. In the morning people are out on the street, and the fun begins - all pour colored water each other's red, green, yellow, blue and black and throw colored powders. Previously, the necessary facilities and materials - dyes, bamboo bryzgalki, powders - were made independently, but now you can buy them in stores. Resent those who have poured your costume, on this day is not accepted, so prim chistyuli completely avoid going out (by the way, the streets are also decorated with bright - colors and elegant fabrics.)
Many researchers believe that Holi - a festival in honor of Krishna and his love games with girls.
Happy Holi due reverence for the tree, called the "Tulsi", especially the one on which grow red - the color of fire - the flowers.
It almost leafless, and the fl
owers are large, a little like a magnolia.
They are harvested, dried and triturated to a powder. And then, on the feast day, sprayed a diluted paint the hands and face.
I have never met such a fun and fiery feast.
At that time erases all Class and caste distinctions. Out on the street all who celebrate this holiday. Sprinkle and pour each other canned paints, hugging each other, dancing and wishing each other "Happy Phagvah". We were extremely surprised to see a dancing crowd of painted and embracing all of the president and prime minister.
праздник красок During the holiday, we, like everyone else, have been sprinkled, poured and painted so many colors that define race, nationality or even who is who was really quite impossible.
Especially fun youth. Pain
t smear anyone who gets in the way, so warn tourists not to leave the hotel or too prepared for different eventualities. Unfortunately, today is too complicated cooking quite friendly paints from flowers.
фестиваль красокMuch easier to buy ready-made chemical dye. The next day the mother can not wash clothes his rebyatni, spread out on the pavement crimson spots, and teenagers go for a week with red faces and hands.
In recent years, the ban on the use of colors other than natural.
As a result, many have skin irritation. Also heard many calls the organizers of the holiday is not to draw water for breeding colors of the nearby ditches. It remains to hope that law-abiding Guyanese heeded the call. Anyway, we all live.