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Business immigration to Montenegro

Many people in our time seeking to ensure that the move to another country, preferably a European to settle there, in a subsequent time to live, and besides if you do not have my own business, then at least a decent job. Unfortunately, to get into the European country in order to achieve these objectives it is extremely difficult. Professional immigration program is not every country, so are New Zealand, Canada, Australia and others. But all of these programs provide a serious contest for the passage of a serious selection of the persons applying, suggest a high level of language proficiency, education, require a certain age, a certain level of professionalism, as well as compliance with a number of other parameters. And it turns out that in practice it is a fact that most candidates do not have the ability to pass such a successful immigration process, which corresponds to these programs. In addition, there is a significant fact, which lies in the fact that the consideration of candidates for these programs often take a long time, and lawyers who can assist you legal advice regarding immigration cases are very expensive.

            In fact, in this situation, the most correct solution is to use the immigration program. In this case you will receive a residence permit on the basis of registration in their own firms in order to live in this country and do business. Thus, many governments want to attract your investment and create new jobs.

            Immigration in Montenegro is the perfect option for you. When immigrating to this wonderful country there are no special difficulties. You register a company, get a residence permit, and then permanent residence and citizenship.

            Consider the main business of immigration in Montenegro:

A so-called authorized capital at the time of registration of a company may be one euro. Agree, in comparison with other countries, it is generally paltry sum, in fact, you spend a day living so much more.

2 on your bank account, while immigration in Montenegro should be around 300 euros, in practice it is 500 - 1000 euros per person, and it is less than in other European countries. And it's your money, they do not need anyone to give, they just have to be when you make a residence permit.

Three time when you make a form on the residence of two months.

4 Issue of a residence of nearly one hundred percent, and no other country does not boast such a percentage.

5 immigration in Montenegro can be done as a family.

Now, you yourself can see that the business immigration in Montenegro is extremely easy, affordable, quick and profitable business that you are, besides, you can make the whole family. If you've been thinking about how to live in a European country, moreover, in such a beautiful and promising emerging country such as Montenegro, then you must consider all of the above. The main thing to remember is that immigration in Montenegro does not require any financial or time costs, everything is done quickly and inexpensively.