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The history of Guyana unique and amazing.

Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

Amazing nature of Guyana

Victoria Regia - the national flower


National Museum of Guyana.

At museums collected quite a rich collection of flora and fauna of Guyana, a small collection of various rocks and minerals found in Guyana, a bit of archaeological finds and samples amerindiyskogo arts and crafts. But the most important piece, in my opinion, it's a giant slot, whose remains were found in the Guyanese jungle. Recovered and transferred into the possession of the museum was only in 2010, so that few people know about it yet.

There is evidence that this is not only a giant animal, found in the jungles of the country.

The museum is located in Georgetown, North road.


Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology.

The first museum of anthropology in Caribbean countries, was founded in 1974. The basis of his collection went to Guyanese archaeologist Dennis Williams.

Ethnographic collection of the Wai-Wai Indians was transferred to the museum in 1991 by anthropologist George Mentor.

The museum's collections include artifacts found in various regions of the country.


Castellani House - - home of the National Gallery of Art.

Located in a large wooden building at the entrance to the zoo and botanical garden.

In 1955 this building was the residence of a great friend of the USSR Lyndon Forbes Burnama, Prime Minister of British Guyana.

Since 1994, there is an art gallery.


Museum of African heritage.

Originally called the museum - the Museum of African Art and Ethnography was founded in 1985. In 2001 the museum was renamed. The museum's collections include works of African art, mainly West African. From wooden masks, carved up the doors. In addition, the collection includes objects of applied art, such as brass scales for weighing gold dust, masks, musical instruments and clothing.

The museum is located in Georgetown.


Museums Police John Campbell.

Uniforms, musical instruments, photographs and other artifacts politsesky relating to colonial times.



National War Museum.

Weapons, uniforms and other items.



Guyana Heritage Museum is located in the town of caste in the West Bank Demerara. Founded by a private person and has lots of antiques, such as tableware, masks, photographs, wooden statues and such antediluvian water filters and many other items.


Museum of Philately.

Housed in the existing post office on Carmichael Street, Georgetown.


Museum of the weaving community in Lethem.

The museum displays objects of local crafts and arts and crafts of Indians and archival materials.