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Such well-known stranger Suriname

Countries in South America, perhaps, except for Brazil, not so well known in our country. What is the reason, say difficult. But, nevertheless, it is true. The capital of this country is the city of Paramaribo, founded in 1640. This is a river and a major seaport, because the city is located on the banks of the same name with the name of the state of the river. Twenty kilometers from the city of Suriname River empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

This is an amazing country. Its main highlight is its people. Indeed, in Suriname are almost no indigenous inhabitants of South America - Indians. The main population of this country are Creoles and Maroons, who had once been brought into the country from Africa to work on plantations. A lot of the country's Chinese and Indians. And here they co-exist peacefully with each other. It is not surprising that quite often, the capital of Suriname - Paramaribo city known way the whole world, so much there are mixed races, creeds and traditions. Traditionally in Suriname smoke and drink local rum. And while everyone knows why smoking is harmful, it is knowledge or does not affect the habits of local people. Another interesting feature of the Surinamese - they say hello to all, even with strangers. So if, while walking through the streets of towns in this South American country, you will notice that you greet someone, do not be surprised and do not break my head, where you saw this man. It's just a tradition.

The nature of this country is very interesting, because its territory is eleven reserves and an amazing national park. Tourist can surprise and cuisine of Suriname. It is a blend of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and European cuisine. And this combination gives a surprisingly tasty dishes that will please both the Europeans and a native of Asia.