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Best places of Egypt.


Лучшие места Египта.Egypt - a sanctuary of ancient history and civilization. Visit Egypt, and not pay attention to exploring the ancient monuments of architecture - is a crime. For centuries Egyptian civilization was considered the most advanced and powerful in the world. However, numerous wars, unstable political system, infighting and civil conflict destroyed the Egyptian power. But now Egypt is a popular tourist destination worldwide country.
Come here and those who barks quality and inexpensive to relax on the beaches of the chic, and those who involve mysteries of world history.
So, this article focuses on the most remarkable sights of Egypt. Of course, to see all the beauty of Egypt for a little holiday trip does not work, but we will try to cover vast.
First, let's define those sites that require a visit to the.
1) Pyramid.
Pyramid - a symbol of the Egyptian culture, power, civilization and achievements of architecture. Sometimes turn to the actual pyramids of tourists ruin the entire experience, but we should deal with it. The Egyptian pyramids are great not only because of its gigantic size, but also because of the mystery, which they store in itself. at the beginning of XX century it was thought that all the pyramids are cursed, go there for any purpose - is to play with death. Now, however, we have shown that the pyramid is safe for mass visit. Their design is unique, as the design itself, as well as the interior of the internal public. Pyramid - an expression of luxury of ancient Egypt. Total 118 results found in Egypt pyramids, but special attention should be paid to the Pyramids of Giza and Khufu
2) The famous tombs of the nobility.
As one might guess from the name of the sights in these tombs buried the greatest creators of Egyptian history. Besides, this place is located in an incredibly beautiful area. The best way to know the mysterious Egypt - see the historical sights and feel the splendor of the local beauties.
3) Roman Theater.
The excavations were carried out of the theater for several years. The excavations were taken aback and archaeologists and the scientific world. Its well-preserved theater. At one time he had intervened 800 people, and currently is the largest tourist attraction in Egypt.
4) The ruins of the city of Abu.
Once this city played an incredible value in the policy of Egypt. Now - this is an open air museum, which amazes tourists with its size and architecture. Some of the exhibits are more than 3000 years.
Of course, in a country with such ancient history there are plenty of interesting sights, museums, beauty, but the article devoted to the most interesting ones and popular among tourist groups.