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Traditions of South America

Applying even the criteria of origin in South America in terms of its ethnic character, all the same can not be described more specifically and accurately the population of this state. South America in their culture so distinctive and ethical, that her society was divided into two different groups of racial type. For example, the Guyanese society is divided into afrogayantsev and Indo-Guyanese, each of them has its own traditions and customs, as well as views on this or that problem. It only indicates that among these peoples there are differences in cultural background.

On this basis, it should be noted that this division gives an erroneous interpretation of two of Guyana, which have different economic, political and cultural interests. While the company migrates en masse across the planet, it's hard to describe this or that person and assess his membership of a particular race. The emigration of Guyanese outside the territories, they have become accustomed to other people's language and lose their abilities, especially spoken of the plan and forget their own traditions. Therefore, they are now and speak fluent English. They have become real lodged England, raise children and make funny photo collection. Because of the racial policies of the host country Guyanese began to wane, and cultural aspects of the type, and self promotion thus conceivable impacts on the physical differences that come from mixed marriages. South America has always been a country of stereotyped thinking, because different groups of people connected to each other, base of like-minded people in order to transmit and preserve their cultural and spiritual heritage. Like all African people, African-American representatives of the Guyanese population believe in all sorts of magic, such as in voodoo or the expulsion of the devil. And sincerely believe it. The same happens with the Indians. They worship countless gods and goddesses, with multiple images, also includes elements of magic and rituals.