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As originally to March 8 with a girl

Как оригинально провести 8 марта с девушкойOn the eve of March 8, many men scratching their heads over how to congratulate my beloved, that the present and in what circumstances a present. Some are beginning to get nervous, afraid not to please his beloved. Experience is not necessary. In order to greetings like, just need to be familiar with your soul mate.

If your favorite fragile and tender, it is unlikely she will like jump with a parachute. Extreme and active girl may not really like going to the opera. When deciding, consider the peculiarities of temperament and character of the beloved. Whatever scenario you come up with a holiday, it is important to take care of every detail, so nothing spoiled a romantic evening.

Think about what dreams favorite. Maybe she recently spoke with enthusiasm about the restaurant, which has visited her friend? Or, just yesterday she bought breathtaking evening gown? This is a clear allusion to the fact that she can not wait to "upgrade" it to a posh restaurant. Hurry to book a table quickly, as such holiday may be wanting a lot.

If spring has stood out early and the weather allows, you can arrange your favorite balloon flight. This service is no longer a rarity, for example, the organization of flights to Moscow can be found at the site Aeronavt.ru. During the flight, hand in the girl a gift and do not forget to remind her of love. Vivid impressions will remain forever in her memory. Arranging such a surprise, you are 100% need to be sure that the pet is not afraid of heights.

If you decide to celebrate the holiday of a big company, it is advisable to agree with the other male co-congratulation. Try to make it unique and memorable. You can prepare an interesting musical number or compose a limerick about each lady. Prepare gifts for women from the same price category, but very different. So you do not offend any of the ladies, and at the same time, highlight each of them.

Having decided to celebrate March 8 together with his beloved in a cozy cafe, agree in advance with the musician, so he sang a beautiful song specially for his beloved. In no case, do not be late for a meeting and meet only a kiss sweetheart. This, of course, its a little discouraged. The stronger will be delighted women, when, during a romantic dinner, the waiter will present her a bouquet of flowers and a gift from you.

At home you can prepare a bed of rose petals and decorate a room with balloons. Do not forget the candles, which will create an intimate atmosphere.

Do not be afraid to dream. Do everything you can to make your half feel loved and desired. And not only that day!