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Argentina - Holidays in Latin America

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is located in the southeast (elevated area) and north-west (plain) parts of the continent. In the State there are many small and large rivers, including the Parana River is the second largest river in South America. It was in this river valley is very fertile region of Argentina with a high green grass. Hence originated the cowboys.

Staff hotels and inns, as well as restaurants and cafes are very polite and diligent, but somewhat slow because of the Latin American temperament.
Tourists in Argentina are very fond of. Of particular relevance to the local residents immigrants from Russia. A citizen of Russia for the Argentine - the carrier of a civilized European culture and traditions of ancient Russia. Culture are respected. Aboriginal people is a Russian counterweight to the North Americans, and especially the United States. As in all of Latin America, for the Yankees here are not too good.

Many tourists know Argentina, as a "football" the country. Here, like football and are proud of Diego Maradona - a national hero and one of the best players of his time.

Things that are worth a look, concentrated mainly in the capital - Buenos Aires. The inhabitants of this metropolis are very fond of walking and have fun in many night clubs. Meet the local "playboy" or the fathers of families living in the restaurants at three o'clock in the morning - a common occurrence.

The capital required to visit the area of ​​Plaza de Mayo, a museum of natural sciences and fine arts and cultural center of San Blanca National Historic Site, an international art gallery and the Cathedral Metropolitana, where the remains of the national hero of Argentina's struggle for independence, José da San Martin .

Of particular note is the National Park Tierra del Fuego, where historic events occurred since colonization and conquest of the New World. These tourists will the old narrow-gauge railway. Visit this place with its ensemble of buildings since the expansion (antique market, the ancient Catholic Church, etc.) will give the impression that you are on the edge of the land or were in the distant past.

Argentina - the country is quite interesting and original. This enigmatic and poetic place. The name itself translates into Russian as "country of silver."