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Flashlights in South America

They will discuss the application of LED lighting in South Africa. Gone are the days when it was necessary to change the batteries in the flashlight almost every day. In our time there LED flashlights. Brightness, which are far higher than conventional tube. But what to do - progress can not stand still.

We all know that in South Africa are more than 20% of the world's diamonds and more than 50% of gold reserves. What this scan? Besides that, say, in South Africa is a large number of mines for the extraction of raw materials. Leading companies in diamond mining has long abandoned the conventional skylights on the helmets, they are using LED lights. LED lights are a big advantage over Immersed lamp. In the mines, the illumination of the LED lamp is 30% more energy consumption and a fraction that is economically advantageous. LED lights will not go down at first contact with them, moisture, and if it fails one of the LEDs of the matrix, you will not be left without coverage at all.

Another sphere of LED lights - the military industry in South Africa. In service of these countries are rifles and carbines. Weather conditions would make the battle almost "blind", and proved that the recent exercises. It is for these cases has been developed LED flashlight Salary - 2C. With a minimum weight and dimensions of the light spot at a distance of 100 meters does not exceed 10 meters. For comparison, it is sufficient to turn the fog lights of distant regular cars.
LED lighting has long been widely used in South Africa. Used as a conventional garlands, and small-and large-sized LED lights. For example go far not worth it. Recall the football World Cup in 2010. In Johannesburg alone, while in the streets, stadiums, hotels and similar establishments were involved in more than 20 million LED lights.