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Tradition of celebrating New Year in South America

In Latin America, as well as around the world celebrate the New Year. However, the majority of countries characterized by the Catholic faith, and therefore the most important holiday for them this Christmas, it should take place in a quiet and family. But on New Year's Eve celebrations are fun, wild and wonderful feast fireworks. And of course, each of the countries of Latin America, has its own traditions in celebrating the New Year.

New Year in Colombia becomes an unusual and bright carnival. In the historic district of Bogota - Colombia's capital on December 31 carried a festive parade, take part in it doll, actors, and various toys attached to the cars. At this time, residents cast Colombia dolls gifts and are grateful for all the good deeds that have occurred this year. Represents the old year man on stilts. It passes through the crowd and the kids tell stories from the past year. Father Christmas in Colombia, as in other Latin American countries - is the Pope Pasquale. Ends with a celebration parade fireworks.

In Brazil, the New Year is celebrated as brightly as in Colombia. All the people of Rio de Janeiro is going on the famous beach of Copacabana. Here come the inhabitants of other cities. Brazil's main Christmas tree set in the middle of the ocean. Itself the centerpiece of the New Year in Brazil is the goddess of fertility Yemenzha. All the inhabitants of the country because of her rush to the ocean. She was on the beach singing different hymns, and send gifts to the sea. These are mainly small wooden boat filled with flowers. All participants of the event each year wear the same color, depending on whether the patron saint will be the coming year. Feast of festive fireworks display ends.

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