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Where to rest in Greece

Где отдохнуть в ГрецииGreece has long been one of the most popular resorts among domestic tourists. Each year the number of Russians visiting the famous Greek resorts, enjoying the warm sea and clean beaches.

If the purpose of the trip is to visit local attractions, and familiarity with the historical and architectural monuments - the best time to visit would be the end of the spring. In April and May is not very hot, so the tour will not be tedious. Highlights of the tours take place on the mainland of Greece, where each city can be compared with the open-air museum. You can ride to the nearby cities and taxis. It is also worth visiting the famous island of Crete, where, according to legend, lived Daedalus and Icarus. This land is home to one of the oldest civilizations - Minoan, which left a majestic palace of Knossos. Today, this monument of architecture were only ruins, but it is not difficult to imagine how grand it was this building. After visiting the historical monuments you can relax on the wonderful beaches of Crete, the island is famous.

During a holiday in Greece and the tourists have the unique opportunity to combine a holiday with great shopping. The country has long been famous for its craftsmen who make lovely furs. Now there are over 150 different factories and workshops for the production of fur coats. Many of them cooperate with travel agencies and offer cost-effective "Fur" tour. The duration of such trips range from 3 to 5 days, and the program is very intense. During the day, tourists visit the shops and factories, and at the end of the day at the theme parties are held to explore the culture of the country.

For those traveling to Greece with only one purpose - to rest at the seaside, beach resorts can advise Peloponnesus and Thessaloniki. Most Greek beaches awarded "blue flag" - a certificate that is issued by the European Commission for the Protection of the environment. This kind of assurance that at this beach are respected all the rules of hygiene and safety, besides it is free, equipped with showers and toilets. At each of the resorts that are marked with a blue flag, be sure to duty lifeguards and first aid. Traffic on the area for recreation is limited, there is only a taxi from airport to airport, visit with pets are not allowed. Find a beach in Greece is not difficult, because of their more than 400 on the coast.